New Bridge Equity works diligently to provide excellent service to our brokers. We have built our broker network knowing they are a crucial part of our business. We appreciate and value each broker inquire and submissions and strive to respond quickly with terms and pricing to facilitate a timely close.

Registered Broker

Registered brokers are regularly apprised of new product and pricing information and receive priority for deals funded through New Bridge Equity. Our registered brokers have the option to create built-in commission for a more strategic alliance and unified approach with borrowers.

Brokers FAQ

What can I expect to make on deal I refer?
NBE typically pays 0.5 to 2 points depending on the transaction.

When do I get paid?
NBE pays referrals the day after confirmation of recording.

Do I get commissions on future deals if the borrower I refer requests another loan from NBE directly?
Not as a practice. NBE pays referral fees on the first transaction. However, if it is a legacy client of the Broker referring the transaction we may consider it.