About Us

New Bridge Equity, LLC (DBO Lic. No. 60DBO-35851) are California finance lenders and brokers licensed by the Financial Division of the California Department of Business Oversight. Further information regarding the California Department of Business Oversight and the laws and regulations applicable to licensed California finance lenders and brokers is available at the Department of Business Oversight’s website – www.dbo.ca.gov


    New Bridge Equity’s mission is to build the nation’s most respected hard money lending company by providing unmatched service and straightforward loan terms to all of our borrowers.


    We are committed to serving our borrowers and exist to assist them in succeeding with each investment property they undertake. Our unique team process adds value and mitigates risk for our borrowers. We emphasize excellence and integrity in every aspect of our business and we possess the moral courage to carry out those principles always.

  • Passion

    We have passion for our borrowers and their entrepreneurial spirit. We love this industry because we recognize the social and economic impact that our borrowers have on communities and the economy as a whole. New Bridge Equity is proud to play a role in this process. Our borrowers experience the most efficient and professional lending process in the business today.


  1. We are revolutionizing residential real estate investing and setting the new gold standard for hard money lenders. We are a totally new type of hard money company.
  2. Our core business is providing liquidity to real estate investors while mitigating, managing, and profiting from risk.
  3. We underwrite each potential new loan to ensure a winning outcome for our clients, investors, and company.
  4. We provide direct and honest feedback at all times to our clients, investors, service providers, and team members.
  5. We continuously invest in technology and infrastructure in order to improve the client experience and operational efficiency.
  6. Providing amazing customer service and adding true value for our clients that separate us from being a commodity. We are a new better type of hard money company.